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  • Lata live video

          The Lata Gouveia concert at Kulturfabrik last May was professionally filmed and recorded and is being edited an mixed for a future release. This video by Sari Kolkka is of the same show and everybody here is excited to see how it will look and sound once the professional footage and sound […]

  • BUSY WEEKEND: Lata with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest and James Intvelt

    Another two great shows for Lata this weekend. First, on Friday (25th July 2014) Lata presented his new songs in acoustic solo format at the beautiful Beaufort Castle. This was an opening set for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and John Lee’s Barclay James Harvest. Then, on Sunday Lata presented himself with the full band at […]

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