It’s too bad

The home of Randy and Liz Crouch, deep in the woods of Tahlequah in Eastern Oklahoma, is remote and difficult to find. Cut off from the power grid in every sense of the expression, it is also a place of friendly pilgrimage for Red Dirt musicians, from the most famous Texas chart hitters to the most obscure local songwriters. "Red Dirt on 66" was an opportunity for Lata to visit with Randy Crouch and play a song written by Randy that Lata performs in every gig, whether in Europe or the US. To play the song with the man who wrote it. With Bob Childers gone, it is difficult to get any closer to the source and the spirit of Red Dirt music than with Randy Crouch... in Randyland.

Director: Felix Sorger
Director of Photography: Olivier Koos
Production: Lata Gouveia 2012