Killing them people was a heavy load
The men at the top decide upon the goal
It’s only your heart, you’ve got to keep it cool
The thing that you lose can be your very soul

Gather ‘round people, let me look at you
It really don’t matter if we win or lose
We’re drinking black blood, it’s just another day
Our soldiers are kids, I guess someone’s got to pay

And I can see the procession, see the fireworks rise
I dance around the fire whilst you throw the dice
Call on your neighbour, there’s something going on
And this will carry on ‘till the break of dawn
Yeah, this is going on ‘till the break of dawn

They race for the guns and they light up the sky
Dancing with the devil all through the night
Hey, don’t listen to me, I’ve got no scars on my skin
And I didn’t go blind from the things that I’ve seen

And now they’re coming with business, got their schemes and plans
Pillage and rape, then they wash their hands
Some say it’s too late, you know they’ll never stop
Selling out your brother for an extra buck


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: May 2009

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