Today I saw the sunrise from my room and dropped what I’d picked up.
My ambitions and my name, my grudges and my rut

These eyes that make the world and send it out to see it back
I dropped the debt and guilt, I dropped allegiance and the flag

I picked this body up, like a magician on a stage
1,000 past lives were amazed, they had not taken it on faith

The longer road they rode for me, it wore them out but set me free
They had not know it in their time, this dream was theirs as much as mine

I dream of other nations, dream of other nations

So, for me discrimination can no longer stand for love
A cultural addiction, it can never be enough

Her arms around another one who walks the longer road
In search of a solution for not finding it alone


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: October 2013

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