I’ve had the blues babe, since the day that I was born, but it never
burnt this way before.
You’ll sell yourself short babe, no matter who they are. I guess a
dream is all we were.

Because your time it ain’t no love.
And your love alone just ain’t enough.
This pack of dogs they bring you rides and dreams of pearls.
And in the end… they get their turn.

Well, I’m no good with words, no words could ever tell just what my
fingers they can say.
And if I was righteous like the folks upon the hill, you wouldn’t see
another day.

It seems like every other night someone can see your weaker side.
I play my song and watch you fade into this town, your youth and
light left behind.

Come on, let me take you home.
Come on baby take a ride.
We’re gonna make it alright
Ooh baby, bye bye


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: August 2008

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