A cold bathtub and a phone ringing on the floor
There’s much worse places to wake up in. Well, that’s for sure!
I have to find the courage to swallow my tears
I’ll try to do it one more time… for my little girls.

Even the bar, it don’t feel the same
since that gipsy women upped and ran away
You know that she had the magic to cure my ex-wife
But now I feel like I just lost my second life

Well… I spent a decade working so hard just to lose my family.
So I light one up as I load up the car
It’s too early in the morning not to, that is the deal. They say…

Here he comes, the preacher’s son again
Singing “fuck you all, I’m gonna do it my way”
Tilted like a wreck and talking tough…

And… it’s not only the way that it seems
Papa’s gonna be there no matter where he lives
Feeling like I’m more than likely done
But I’ma play it like it’s only just begun.

My eldest is mature far beyond her seven years
My youngest is too young to remember all the tears
The one in the middle. She keeps it all inside,
Like she was caught in the cross-fire, with nowhere to hide

And I know the bills, they keep pilling up
But all that stuff won’t break my back
And I’m be burning the candle on both sides of the light
I’m feeling proud of myself becacause tonight it’s only wine.


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: June 2014

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