This land was christened by the blood and tears of every race
From Twin Cave back to Keystone I’ll provide a guiding vision
Be nothing in your way

I met some men like you before and helped them get across
Don’t need to know just why you run
Just let me take your feet Sir, and show you how it’s done.

You ride alone; I’ll ride along with you
You ride alone; I’ll ride along with you

The killers and free spirits, they share some of the same ways
They understand it’s not the end,
It’s just another twist, another face

You ride alone. I ride along with you

The Marshalls used to come in here to hunt down wanted folks
And I can tell you they still do, it’s just another era,
It’s just a four-wheeled horse

I am the ghost that keeps this valley sheltered from the law
I am a guide to those who run, so there must be a reason
I ain’t seen your face before

But you ride alone, I ride along with you
But you ride alone. I ride along with you

The sky above the prairie’s like the sky above the sea
The stars tell the same story but the voice is so much clearer
Than people ever hear

Tornadoes will avoid you when you’re travelling with me
The night birds they will warn you when they’re hot upon your
heels, son.

Just leave the rest to me


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: November 2008

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