Radio night. Always here on a lonely drive.
Radio night. Eighteen wheels, a million miles.
Talking Radio night.

Radio night. A nation of heartbreak, lonely wives
Radio night. A highway of ghosts and shinny lights

CYou know this winter will end. The cycle will bring another friend.
One day we’ll be two again, me and you.
You’ve got to survive. Sometimes it’s hard to see a reason why,
But it’s just over there. The day will make it clear.

Radio night. Another defeat in this crazy ride.
Radio night. And if you think you’re alone baby, that’s a lie.
Talking Radio night, with all them ballads we play, sometimes we get it right.
Ooh Radio night. Light the candle, pour the wine,

Because it’s only a dream. Things will be fine, this time next year.
By then we’ll be two again, me and you.
There’s gonna be times, the sun will shine and we’ll both learn to smile.
It will always be here… your Radio night.


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: December 2008

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