I’m going to paint your face… in my heart
I’m going to clear your name… and crawl out of the dark
I’m going to stand up straight… and work my way out
I guess it’s understood… guess there can be no doubt

I’m going to walk right in… and feel no thing
Won’t even cross my mind… to wonder where you’ve been
I’m going to keep my smile… and love myself
And do a better job… than anybody else

Calling down the street for everyone to know I love you
Lets forget… all about that.
Flying across the continent to meet your folks and ask them for your hand
My word!… did I really do that?

I’m going to put you away… like an unread book
Like nothing memorable… just like an old pair of boots
And treat you just the same… as anybody else
I’m going to feel no thing… I’m going to do my best.

We’re going to say hello, it’s going to be just fine.
We’re goanna introduce them, we’re going to be polite
I’m going to love myself… and clear your name
It’s going to be too small… to call it a mistake

Facing off a stronger man who could have killed me with his bare hands
Just for love? Ah… is it really worth that?
Seeing the face of my unborn upon your face like it was sure
I forget… was it really like that?

I’m going to stand right here… it’s going to be so hard
I’m going to paint your face… in my heart… in my heart


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: June 2014

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