On the way back out you lose the things you stole
On the way back out we’ll know where we went wrong

Young and dumb, don’t we know it baby?
Full of fun…

… but lets just say
It won’t be long until they come around … and drag your ass down

And you ought to know you might lose control
You better wake up! Don’t you ever give it up!

They’re gonna buy your time, they’re gonna sell your life.
Ain’t nobody that can stop them but you!

It’s later and you’re out of time and wondering why, oh why
It’s later and the well ran dry. You know you can buy no time

It ain’t no game, the choice that you made
You change who you are so you can chase a payday.

Everybody running toe to toe
You used to be like brothers, now he’s cutting your throat

You’re somewhere down the line and it starts feeling late
Your talents and your passions slowly run down the drain

You tried hard to buy it, but it just doesn’t come
And your mirror won’t tell you who the hell you’ve become

So play your song, play it baby,
Tear it up! Because you know

It won’t be long before they come around… and take it all.
I say you ought to know that you could lose control

You better stand up. Never gonna give it up!
They’re gonna cross your line and leave you high and dry

Ain’t nobody that can tell you the truth
You’re gonna take control, cause you’re strong enough
And if they say How come? “I heard it on the radio”
And there’s a time in life, when you can turn your back
And you can run your own show – I heard it on the radio
And if you’re all alone and it’s your chosen road
I know you kept your soul, I heard it on the radio


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: October 2014

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