Because Lata performs in a variety of live formats, he has the opportunity to play different repertoires. He can play three different sets or a mix of those. A) There is a set of original songs. Lata’s material has been described as a mix between Bob Dylan and Dire Straits but his voice is more […]


Lata Gouveia’s Band

Lata’s band formats include the acoustic and electric duo/trio and the full band, which can perform with 4 or five elements. For the full band the keyboard is optional and the band consists of drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, mandolin lead voice and backing vocals. So all the options are open for 1, […]

Lata Solo

Solo format

Lata has performed as a solo artist for big and small audiences. Here he is at the Rockhal in Luxembourg performing to a full house as the opening act to AYO in May 2011. For more than 30 minutes he kept more than 1,500 people silent with just his voice, his guitar, his harmonica and […]


The American Years

In 2007 Lata Gouveia moved to the United States. The invitation came from Rocky Frisco, piano player with the JJ Cale band, one of Lata’s heroes. For 4 years Lata played in the American Mid-West and learned much about performing and songwriting from some of best Texas and Oklahoma songwriters like Tom Skinner, Randy Crouch, […]