It’s time to go out and find a universal law.
It’s time to put it out there that there’s stuff you love and people
you want to meet. So get your ass on its feet.

Yeah, I sit here and hear you moan, I hear you complain and I see
you clinging desperately to all the things that bring you the blues
and pain. It’s yours alone anyway.

But any day could be your Monday. Any day could be your first

In this little blue world. In the middle of the night.
In this little blue world.
Sometimes you can’t tell what’s wrong from right.

Jenny had a choice, she knew she could not run. Either rock’n’roll
wife or single soccer mom. Trapped into destiny. The lines of age,
they came free.

Jimmy said “all this running ‘round is nothing like a life. It has no
concept of home, no recognition for time and boy… how fast they
grow, whilst you’re on the road”.

Well my good friend said that life’s a buzz but it ain’t no toy. There’s
a world of difference between what feels like fun and the real joy.
And you won’t find it on no tin-foil.

Well, sometimes it seems like envy makes the world go ‘round.
People want to be someone they think they want to be, with
diamond rings and lots of power. And they don’t know it could taste
so sour.


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: June 2009

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