Johnny’s on the 208. He’s late again.
He looks the part but feels broken

In his hand he’s got the wedding ring that did its thing
When times were hard but she loved him
And boy, did they get around…

I guess Newport’s what broke the camel’s back
The band were cold and flat. Sixteen men on her shoulders

She decided that she had enough of dealing with the stuff
And made her way back to London

And she said… I looked high and low
And it made no difference babe, I guess you already know I…

I’ve gotta leave. I’m running out of reasons
I’m hoping that we both go. Just letting you know

So now sometimes Johnny gets a steady pay,
But spends his every day… begging time to go faster.

People say that’s just the way it goes, it’s what you’ve got to do
Why should you think that you’re special?

And down on the streets he sees the people walk
He takes the time to stop… and read the world on their faces

They’re all counting down to Friday, counting down to every break
Waiting for retirement, he says God is that the life we crave?

I look high and low
And it made no difference if deep down you already know

I gotta leave. My soul must have a reason
And life can have a cold way of letting you know

I gotta leave. My heart’s been crying treason
The passing of the seasons is telling me so

It was raining like it couldn’t wait, the day that Johnny left
To put an end to that chapter

And on the bed he left a pile of notes, the letter that he wrote
His one last chance to persuade her
And of course it read:

I looked high and low
Now it makes no difference if I don’t know where to go

I’ve got to leave. I just ran out of reasons
And life became a prison
Just letting you know

I’ve got to leave. I’m going to pay the price for freedom
Guess I’m still hoping that we both go
But girl I’ll die if I don’t
I guess I’m still a rolling stone

Leaving. I’m going
Leaving. I’m going


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: November 2008

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