Baby you can lie, if you want
Try to tell everybody
There’s no harm being done

Baby you can beg, baby you can run
Call on me when you know
There’s a chance I’ll be drunk

And baby you can blow
You can blow my mind
But don’t you give me no soap
Can’t you tell I just don’t have the time

You’ll never wear my name
Never set me free
Girl, you’re just no good for me

You push your luck in my bed
You push your luck baby,
The way you mess with my head

You keep on coming around
You keep on flashing
You keep on turning all my mean old thoughts into actions

But you’re not
You’re not the one

You blow my mind but I don’t care
I’m gonna give you right up

There’s no point, can’t you tell?
Can’t you see?
Oh babe, you’re just no good for me

I know you’ve gone all around town
You spread yourself out of spite
So you can bring me right down

Every guy that you meet
Gets a piece of you

Girl, don’t you know
That this is no way to live?

So don’t tell me that it’s not the same
When we get down cold, when we hang
And when you’re screaming my name

It’s no good
There’s no point
Can’t you see?
Girl, you’re just no good for me


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written:2007

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