Well I’ve a … a little cradle of appetites, a righteous punisher in my mind.
I’ve a … an ego worthy of any old time. I’ve been a victim, I can be
I made myself, don’t change a thing because I think I’m winning

Give me the job, give me the knife. I’ll cut the mustard, give me the
I’m born and raised to play this game. I’ll sell you things you haven’t even
yet made
I made myself, I even sold my mom, but bought her back much cheaper

Heaven can wait now baby, I’ll pay for your hair.
Heaven’s for losers baby, that’s how lucky I am.
They give you things, things, things, things
that break your spirit… and then they break your heart,
They break you!

Somebody told me that true happiness, cannot be found in a Mercedes
Somebody told me that love should be free, but they can’t get the ones I
pay to love me
I made myself, don’t change a thing because I’m in the middle.

I’ve been to China, I’ve been to Japan. And everywhere I’ve been there’s
this kind of man.
We’ve got tomorrow, so let it get warm. And after that it’s not our
problem no, problem no
I made myself, don’t change a thing ‘cause I’ve got kids to feed now.

The more I’ve got, the less it seems. Got everyone around me to call me
King now.
It ain’t enough, I need you too. Don’t just do what I say, believe what you
I made myself, don’t change a thing.

The more I got, the less it seems. Don’t it break your heart?


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: July 2005

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