You wanted your life to be a big adventure
You thought eventually someone would save you
So you could age like gold.

But every road you ever walked betrayed you
Your expectations were from outer space, man
And you just never learn

Well, you tried your hand at many other ventures but nothing
seems to grab your full attention the way the songs you know do

And now there’s people you don’t even mention
And places you just want replacing, where you cannot return

It should have been another way
It doesn’t always feel like this
It’s just today

You look around, it’s just an empty station
The trains that come just go to where you came from
You look around, it’s just an empty station…


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: June 2007

One Response to “EMPTY STATION”

  1. Zack Morales March 4, 2017 at 01:53 #

    Descobri esta música em princípios de 2009. Desde então, oiço-a com regularidade. Quando não a oiço, canto-a. Em voz baixinha. Se em 2009 dizia tudo, agora diz mais ainda. Uma pessoa, de facto, nunca aprende. Até dói.

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