Senorita, there’s a million women looking for a good man,
But all the best guys they’re all gone with somebody else

Senorita, we don’t care, the ticking clock, the career and the pops
‘Cause all we want to do is hang out with somebody cool

So gimme just a little bit, and I won’t tell you no lie
Gimme just a little tip. It’s a gamble but you’re doing fine
You know, my skin is so thick, my life is so mine.
I really don’t care what they see

The name is Chico. Some call me Paco, I’m pretty happy,
I’m pretty free.

Senorita, I’m at the airport.
And all the cops that I see are looking younger than me
There’s a smile on my face, ‘cause I know this is the place to be

Senorita, you’ve had the world on your shoulders since way before noon
It’s a waste of your time to comply with what they think of you


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: December 2010

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