Bad woman, I saw you change your words over
You come on like a hangover
You’re leaving me no choice

Bad woman, you can’t twist my arm so don’t bother
You make me regret that I’m sober
You spread suspicion with your noise

I think you’d better think twice
You’d better leave it well alone
Bad woman return my soul

Bad woman, you speak and I just hear poison
Don’t treat the world like your boyfriend
And don’t push away my friends

Bad woman, there’s just no way to fulfill you
In a different time, I’d have to kill you
Don’t hurry back this way, you hide a high price to pay

Bad woman, stop digging up the dirt
Before somebody gets hurt
You’re breaking up the boys
Spreading suspicion with your noise
You’re really giving me no choice
You’re a bad woman


Music & Lyrics: Lata Gouveia
Date written: November 2006

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