About Lata

A distant cousin to the Oklahoma Red Dirt and Tulsa Sound traditions, Lata Gouveia’s sound is has a tinge of JJ Cale and a strong Folk Rock influence.

Lata has become one of Luxembourg’s best known musicians, after moving there from Austin (TX) in 2012. Soon after, in 2013 Lata put his band together with some of Luxembourg’s best loved musicians and quickly made a name for himself for his original songs and his live shows, a regular feature in many of Luxembourg’s biggest events and as an opening act for Manfred Mann, Charlie Winston, Alan Parsons, Ayo and many more.

Lata’s musical journey started in London in the mid-90s, Lata began playing at the 12 Bar Blues Club and The Acoustic Café in Soho and the West End. He started as a solo acoustic act doing mainly covers of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie and JJ Cale songs. And he was soon in demand for his voice, taking on several projects at once and becaming a full-timer. This pushed him into a frantic diet of songwriting and performing for different bands and styles of music in projects like The Atlantico Music Partnership and Latadog, with whom he toured in the UK, Portugal and Denmark following the release of
“Lead the way”(Desert Fish/Difference) in 2004.

In 2006 Lata stopped writing for bands and returned to the solo artist format, bringing his writing and performing experience back into the music he had always loved the most. Soon after, in 2007, Lata moved to Tulsa (Oklahoma) at the invitation of legendary piano player Rocky Frisco (JJ Cale band) to get to the source of his influences.

In Oklahoma, Lata fell into the roots of his music, the tightly knit communities of Red Dirt Music and the Tulsa Sound, a family of Woody Guthrie heirs, JJ Cale and Leon Russell compadres, blues pickers and folk and country songwriters, like John Fullbright, Tom Skinner, Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Red Dirt Rangers and many more. Lata quickly got signed with Captiva Records in Texas to release “Road US-75”, his solo debut album, which dragged him down to Austin. He played and lived between San Marcos (TX) and Tulsa (OK) until 2012, when he moved to Luxembourg.

Since the last album (Radio Nights – 2014), Lata Gouveia has released an EP and a couple of singles, with a new full album release expected to be announced later in 2016.

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